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Brandon Wong

Regional Sales & Marketing Manager

“At Hap2py, everyone deserves an equal chance for financial freedom.”

About Us

Hap2py Hong Kong is a world leading P2P investment company. Established in December 2022, we have been dedicated to helping our Hong Kong clients in achieving their financial goals. 

In November 2022, our UK headquarters, Hap2py Penny established Hap2py in Malaysia with the aim of expanding our business into the Asian market. Following Malaysia’s outstanding performance, Hap2py established a new branch in Hong Kong, adopting the name Hap2py Hong Kong 【齊齊益】.

We are currently serving customers from across 11 countries including the United Kingdom, England, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Romania, Estonia, Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, Israel, and Finland. Now we are one of the world’s largest and most successful P2P investment platforms.

Hap2py is not just about building wealth, we also give back a portion of our profits back to society. In just one year, we have donated over 650,000 Malaysia Ringgit (approximately 1.089million Hong Kong Dollar) to charitable organizations.   

Your Investment Starts Here

*Hap2py’s return rate is based on the chosen investment package.
**Choose from 30 days to 365 days.

Why Choose Hap2py?

Unlike any other investment, we offer the highest return rate with minimal risk and shorter tenure period. Here are the 5 major benefits of investing in Hap2py:

At Hap2py, investors can earn a return on their investment while making a positive impact on society. How does it work? Firstly, by investing in Hap2py, investors are helping individuals in need of financial aid. These individuals have to go through a strict verification process to ensure authenticity and prevent fraud. Secondly, a portion of the profits is used for charitable donations and events to assist those in need.

All investment plans listed on Hap2py are secured by Buyback Guarantee. It ensures that the principal of investors is protected and will be fully-compensated in the event when the investment plan doesn’t go well.

Hap2py has 3 times higher return rates compared to average investments. Investors can earn up to 15% monthly return from Hap2py’s investment plan, while saving in H+ can also earn up to 0.15% daily interest.

The online sign-up process is simple, free and typically takes less than 5 minutes. All the collected personal information is strictly confidential and will not be shared to any third party.

Hap2py is licensed in UK and we provide Buyback Guarantee to protect investors’ principal.

About H+

H+ is an e-wallet designed exclusively for Hap2py investors. Investors can choose to keep their fund in H+ to enjoy up to 0.15% daily profit, which they can withdraw from H+ anytime.

All you need is USD$100 to start saving in H+! 

*Saving less than $50,000 = Daily Profit 0.05%
**Saving more than $50,000 = Daily Profit 0.15%

Our Brand Ambassador

“With Hap2py, financial freedom is no longer just a dream.”

Adam Mitter
Hap2py Brand Ambassador | UK Professional Football Player

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