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About Hap2py Hong Kong

Hap2py Hong Kong is a world leading P2P investment company. Established in December 2022, we have been dedicated to helping our Hong Kong clients in achieving their financial goals. 

In November 2022, our UK headquarters, Hap2py Penny established Hap2py in Malaysia with the aim of expanding our business into the Asian market. Following Malaysia’s outstanding performance, Hap2py established a new branch in Hong Kong, adopting the name Hap2py Hong Kong 【齊齊益】.

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Investment Plan

Enjoy 3 times the returns! Safer, simpler and faster than average investment!

ID Age Occupation Amount (USD) Tenure Period Returns (USD)
HS-0262210 50 Data Engineer 20,000.00 180 days 27,630.00 Invest
YY-0262207 42 Lawyer 60,000.00 365 days 82,230.00 Invest
HL-0262204 45 Veterinary 10,000.00 90 days 12,330.00 Invest
ZH-0262199 45 Hawker 2,000.00 30 days 2,270.00 Invest
HS-0262196 31 Lawyer 20,000.00 180 days 27,630.00 Invest
HL-0262193 31 Financial Officer 20,000.00 90 days 25,430.00 Invest
ZH-0262192 47 Pilot 1,000.00 30 days 1,190.00 Invest
YY-0262191 36 Director 70,000.00 365 days 95,930.00 Invest
HS-0262190 39 Dentist 40,000.00 180 days 56,830.00 Invest
ZH-0262179 44 Consultant 1,000.00 30 days 1,110.00 Invest

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*Saving less than $50,000 = Daily Profit 0.05% | **Saving more than $50,000 = Daily Profit 0.15%

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Happily serving customers across 11 countries including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Romania, Estonia, Netherlands, Argentina, Germany, Israel, and Finland.

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Hap2py’s investments are insured by Corp Insure, offering our investors a Buyback Guarantee that safeguards their capital against unfavorable market conditions.

For more information about the insurance, please contact our personal advisor at [email protected].

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Hap2py Hong Kong is a world leading P2P investment company.

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